If I Laugh, I Click a Scam

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00:00 Sorry for cringe

00:37 Jelly and egg water just being honest @legend.oh (TikTok)

01:20 Use Guardio to protect from smelly links

02:30 SCAM CLICK (level 1 sus)

03:15 big fart at church @nottherealbigman (TikTok)

03:38 Wrong MJ 💀 @offthecoastband (TikTok)

03:51 photoshop lol @kylescheele (TikTok)

04:35 twerk guy lol @thatotherloudguyinclass

04:47 SCAM CLICK (lvl 2 smelly)

05:40 YOOOOOO @medazelli (TikTok)

06:03 spongebob meme @uoissvd (TikTok)

06:25 bro caught a mammoth @RootedLawnCo

07:10 SCAM CLICK (level 3 weird)

07:45 cat save world meme @darci_1231585 (TikTok)

07:58 pocket turbo washer machine lol @IvanaGigovic

08:10 Gordon Ramsay’s meme @yesitsfunnyofficial

08:33 ratatata @michael_paulus (TikTok)

08:54 SCAM CLICK (stage 4 virus)

09:45 eating chicken with friend @ASMRMonkeypro

10:12 whats inside @BulbXML

10:30 reacting to Jschlatt reacting to Joe Biden meme

10:42 defecate @keegankevesdy

11:00 SCAM CLICK (hurts)

sorry for fart jokes

11:49 you did this

12:10 among us @shymaster101 (TikTok)

12:35 Good Mythical Morning


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Been a while, whats next boys #foryoupage #foryou #justbeinghonest #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Legend






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Thanks for watching! Videos like these help me stay sane and fund some of the larger builds that take months to complete because not enough brain wrinkles.

God bless you 😀

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