Atishi Marlena Challenges BJP Over Sanjay Singh’s Arrest in Delhi Liquor Scam Case

Sanjay Singh Arrest: In response to the arrest of Sanjay Singh in connection with the Delhi liquor scam case, Atishi Marlena, a Delhi minister and prominent AAP leader, issued a strong challenge to the BJP. Atishi Marlena asserted that if even a single rupee of corruption were discovered at Sanjay Singh’s residence, it should be presented as proof to the nation. Atishi went further, inviting the BJP to send investigative agencies such as the ED and CBI to thoroughly search not only Sanjay Singh’s residence but also his paternal house and bank locker. Atishi Marlena expressed unwavering confidence that no evidence of corruption, not even a single paisa, would be unearthed in these investigations. This statement reflects the AAP’s stance on the matter and their commitment to maintaining a clean image amidst the ongoing controversy.

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